Why Us?


Hausmann Construction is a first-generation construction management, design-build, and general contracting firm headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded in 2003, we are one of the most competitive and quality-oriented construction management corporations in the region.

Our goal is to build innovative structures that serve and captivate our clients for the long haul. With a focus on incorporating innovative technology, we facilitate an efficient building process and provide a variety of expert services for our clients. Each project is a chance to both utilize and broaden our expertise, and at Hausmann, we don’t miss opportunities.

We love to build things. But even more, we would love to build them for you.

To Build The Best


At our core, we are a versatile and collaborative team that values transparency, camaraderie, and ambition. We are driven by a deep commitment to the communities that have supported us and to achieving our project goals with creativity and skilled craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide construction solutions and services to our clients through proactive problem-solving and effective communication, all while prioritizing the well-being and engagement of our team members. We strive to make a lasting impact by staying rooted in our values of commitment and humility, while delivering high-quality construction projects.

core values

We value camaraderie, humor, and humility, prioritizing the well-being and engagement of our team members. We aim for a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated, fostering collaboration to achieve our common goals while delivering exceptional solutions and services to our clients.

We honor commitments, stand by our actions, surround ourselves with good people, and prioritize our clients’ best interests. Trusting our people creates a reliable foundation to build upon.

We prioritize active listening, open communication, and effective problem-solving to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our collaborative approach is rooted in the stewardship of tough conversations, promoting constructive dialogue and teamwork.

We move the needle on projects by challenging each other to be proactive and creative when it comes to building solutions. We know that the road to success is not always straightforward, but we are committed to continuously improve, be on the forefront of solutions, and deliver stunning buildings for our clients.

We are driven, hardworking, and persistent, always willing to go the extra mile to achieve our goals and overcome obstacles. We view challenges as opportunities to grow, learn, and improve. Our determination and resilience allow us to meet and exceed expectations.

Our passion for our history and the communities that have supported us is the foundation of our commitment. We honor our roots by returning to our communities and giving back in meaningful ways. We are dedicated to the people and places that have made us who we are today, forging strong connections and making a lasting impact.