Why Us?


Hausmann Construction is a first-generation construction management, design-build, and general contracting firm headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded in 2003, we are one of the most competitive and quality-oriented construction management corporations in the region.

Our goal is to build innovative structures that serve and captivate our clients for the long haul. With a focus on incorporating innovative technology, we facilitate an efficient building process and provide a variety of expert services for our clients. Each project is a chance to both utilize and broaden our expertise, and at Hausmann, we don’t miss opportunities.

We love to build things. But even more, we would love to build them for you.


Safety, mutual respect, and a mindset of growth drive our business decisions, and those ethics also shape our culture. We understand the integrity of relationships between project parties impacts the integrity of the final product. Because of this, our employees are substantial advocates of our values in our offices, jobsites, and communities. We are invested in building structures—and ultimately a corporation—that prioritizes transparent and innovative practices. We understand that our reputation is our biggest asset, and we aim to uphold it.


A successful build begins with intelligent and effective planning. Hausmann couples industry-leading technology with a diligent work ethic to offer you an innovative build at a competitive price. Beginning with a thorough site evaluation, we analyze every aspect of your project prior to construction and create detailed construction documents – including quick, accurate budgets that can easily facilitate changes. Our experienced team members are ready to supervise your project and possess everything necessary to coordinate it to an on-time, on-budget completion.


Our business model includes a consistent focus on community betterment through the construction process, and philanthropy is a natural off-shoot of that intention. In addition to corporate financial donations, we encourage our employees to volunteer and provide opportunities for them to do so. We want to fuel a growing network of leaders in a variety of disciplines – sustainability, education, economic development, the arts – and we understand the support of these disciplines is critical to the strength of the communities in which we live and work.